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Sirius surprises Remus

The long day of teaching was finally over. Remus piled up a stack of papers that need grading so they can be returned tomorrow. He opened the door to his rooms to be greeted by an odd smell. He sat the papers down on a bookshelf near the door and started to take his jacket off. He turned to hang it on the coat rack. The next thing he had on his mind was to figure out what and where that smell was.

Sirius was grinning to himself as he quietly snuck up on Remus. He quickly snaked an arm around the other man's waist and covered his eyes with one hand.

"Surprise," Sirius whispered

Remus gasped, if it was possible he would have jumped out of his skin. “You scared the fuck out of me,” he placed his hand on the one Sirius had around his waist.

"Not a very brave wolf these days Moony?" Sirius asked with a tut. "Pity that, always loved how tough you were," He teased, gently guiding the other man, his hand still covering Lupin's eyes.

“I wasn’t expecting a welcome like this,” Remus muttered, “What are you up to?” He smiled while wondering why Sirius was taking him in the opposite direction of the bedroom.

"I have something I want to do for you," Sirius purred as they entered the kitchen. He let the arm around Lupin's waist drop down a little. He grinned to himself, knowing what Remus would think he was up to.

“I see,” Remus smiled. The smell was stronger in this room – must be the kitchen. “You’ve stirred my curiosity. ” Among other things he thought.

Sirius deliberately let his hand brush over Remus' bulge, before pulling his arm away and then uncovering his lover's eyes. "Surprise!" He shouted, gesturing at the two plates of burnt fish and chips. "I cooked," he said proudly.

Remus stared at the plates on the table. “Sirius this is wonderful,” he grinned brightly and put an arm around him.

"Come on then, let's eat. I thought you'd never walk through that bloody door," Sirius said, still obviously chuffed with himself for managing to cook a whole meal. He sat down at the table and pulled one of the plates towards himself. "So how was your day then?" he asked.

Remus sat down after Sirius. He was proud of him for being able to cook without burning the kitchen down. “It went rather well,” he pulled his plate closer, “Did a lecture on Vampires today and ran a slide show. Had students fall asleep on me,” he laughed and took a bite, “That’s when we’d pass notes.” He tried not to pull a face at the burned fish.

"Or try and set fire to Snivilus' robes," Sirius said with a smirk. "Nearly managed that one time, do you remember? Would have been brilliant if Evans hadn't ratted us out." Sirius continued to shovel food into his mouth, obviously not bothered by how burnt it was.

“Yeah I remember,” Remus laughed, “You almost set Joanne Hobbinson on fire instead.” He continued to eat concentrating more on the conversation than the taste of the food.

"That would have been much less entertaining, but still brilliant," Sirius smiled. He poked at a burnt chip with his fork and it flew off the plate. "This is terrible, isn't it?" He asked with a sigh.

“Sirius,” Remus smiled sweetly, “This is dreadful… but I appreciate it just the same.” He sat his fork down.

Sirius put his fork down. "Still, I wanted to do something nice, all I've done is make a mess."

“It was very nice and it was a surprise,” Remus reached across the table to hold Sirius’ hand, “A very nice surprise… An the mess isn’t a problem.” He rubbed his thumb over the back of his hand.

"If you say so Moony," Sirius said, as he pushed away from the table and stood up. "Come on then, may as well enjoy desert," he laughed, wandering out of the room.

Remus raised an eyebrow after Sirius left the room. He stood up and pushed both chairs back up to the table. Both meals cleared away with the wave of his wand. Then he joined Sirius in the other room.

Sirius leaned against the doorframe just outside the bedroom, his shirt already discarded. His pants, or rather the pants he'd borrowed from Remus, hung dangerously low on his hips as he lounged carelessly. "So what do you fancy then Moony?" he asked, "Ice cream... or me?"

“Depends on the flavor of the ice cream,” Remus said sauntering forward pulling his tie off.

Sirius looked smug before turning away. "Well you go have your ice cream and I'll just go to bed then, and while you're balls deep in cold dairy I'll be very naked and jerking off..."

“Well… me and the ice cream don’t have to do anything tonight,” Remus teased, “It can watch us.” He discarded his shoes.

"As much as I love you Remus... I don't think I'm ever eating your ice cream again," Sirius said as he shed his trousers. He stretched quickly before lying on the bed to watch Remus undress.

Remus laughed while he pulled his shirt off. “More for me then.” Kicking his trousers off he crawled up the bed beside Sirius and kissed him.

Sirius kissed Remus back and ran a hand down the other man's side. "Missed you today, it was torture knowing you were on the other side of that door," he groaned, rolling Lupin onto his back.

Remus ran his leg up Sirius’ thigh. “Same here. Kept glancing at the door. Hope no one thought it was strange.’ He laughed nipping at his neck.

Sirius growled a little and nipped back. "Who cares if anyone noticed, you can just say you were worried you'd forgotten to feed your dog."

“An share you with all the students… no thanks,” he brushed a strand of hair out Sirius’s face, “Bad enough I have to take you to Dumbledore soon.”

"You don't," Sirius whispered against Lupin's neck, "Maybe I could just stay here, hidden, then I could be with you and see Harry anytime I wanted. It would be perfect Moony, we'd be like a family."

“That would be nice,” Remus mused. He wrapped both arms around him. “Knowing him… he already knows you’re back.” He rolled his eyes and smirked.

"Why are we talking about him? We should be shagging by now," Sirius growled, biting down hard on Remus' neck and then licking at the red mark. He cupped the other man's erection through his pants and squeezed.

Remus moaned while he bucked up into Sirius’ grasp. “Shouldn’t mention Dumbledore and sex in the same conversation,” he chuckled. He ran a hand over Sirius’ bulge.

Sirius groaned and rolled off Lupin. "I officially ban that name from being spoken while we're in bed," he said as he tugged his pants off.

“I can think of a few other names,” Remus laughed propping up in one elbow. When Sirius glared at him he laid back down. “Okay… okay, I won’t say any other names but yours,” He smiled, “All right Padfoot.”

"Better not," Sirius mumbled, moving to loom over Lupin. "You're still wearing too much," he sulked tugging the other man's pants down. He leaned down and nipped at Remus' hip before rolling back onto his side.

Remus kicked his pants off the bed. “Your right,” He rolled over on top of Sirius, “Too much talk.” He kissed and nipped his way down his neck and chest. He took the head of Sirius’ cock into his mouth.

Sirius groaned and bucked up a little. "I agree," he gasped, running his fingers through Remus' hair.

Remus took in more of his length while teasing him with licks and changing how hard he sucked. He looked up to watch Sirius through the hair that’s fallen in his face. He began to hum around his cock.

Sirius tightened his grip on Remus' hair and pulled him up. "No," he growled, "don't want to come like that." He rolled them back over again and pushed Lupin down, kissing him hard.

Remus whimpered while kissing him back. “Okay,” he said but it sounded more like a moan.

"Tell me you have lube," He groaned, rubbing against Lupin. He pushed himself up and looked around.

“Yeah. I think it’s in here somewhere,” Remus tugged the drawer of his nightstand open. He felt around for it. “I can’t see it from here,” he twisted around a little, “You find it.”

Sirius dug around in drawer and pulled the bottle out. "Got it," he said with a smile, nudging Lupin's legs open. "Pull your legs up, will ya Moony?" He asked as he popped the cap off the lube.

Remus pulled his legs up and watched Sirius. This was a sight he thought he’d never see again. He made sure to remember it.

Sirius smiled down at Remus as he slicked two fingers and began to prepare his lover. His smile became a grin as he twisted his fingers a little. "That's alright Moony?" He asked softly.

“It’s fantastic Pads,” he moaned. Sirius’ smile caused him to smile too.

Sirius slicked up a third finger, and gently continued. Looking down, he took in the sight of Lupin's flushed features. He growled and thrust his fingers in a little rougher. "Merlin Remus, you look so fantastic like this," he sighed.

Remus gasped at the rough touch. “Never thought I’d be with you again,” he muttered absently.

"Can't get rid of me that easy," Sirius said with a smirk, as he pulled his fingers out and positioned himself between Remus' legs.

Remus watched Sirius enter him. It was fascinating to watch him move – and to watch his face. Though it’s hard for him not to close his eyes and just feel it all.

Sirius gasped and slouched down over Remus, placing wet kisses all over his collarbone. "Moony, you feel so good," he purred against the other man's neck, as he began to slowly thrust.

“You too,” Remus groaned. He began to move in rhythm with other man and tangled his hand in his hair.

Sirius nipped at Lupin's neck and sat up slightly as he began to thrust harder.

Remus ventured to stroke himself as they continued to move. “So good,” he moaned.

Sirius growled and covered Lupin's hand with his own, keeping a steady pace as he continued to thrust

Remus could feel his climax building and started moving their hands faster. “Can’t last much longer,” he curled a leg around the other man.

"Me either," Sirius gasped. He let go of Remus' hand and grabbed the other man's hips as he continued to fuck him. "Love you," he moaned.

“Love you too,” Remus groaned as he came.

Sirius groaned loudly as Remus came and thrust one last time before spilling his seed inside the other man.

Reaching for his wand Remus cast a cleaning spell. He pulled Sirius close and kissed him a few times. “Love you so much Pads,” he said kissing him again.

Sirius kissed him back and then sat up. " 'M hungry now," he said with a laugh, "Wish I hadn't burnt the dinner."

Remus propped his head up on his arm. “Could get something from the kitchens if you want. All you have to do is say an elf’s name or what you want and it’s there,” he yawned.

"You'll have to do it," Sirius said, "otherwise they might snitch me out." He stretched and slowly turned into Padfoot. He panted happily and loped at his ear before scrambling up the bed to lick Remus' face.

“Alright,” Remus laughed as he was licked, “Nobbit a warm ham and cheese sandwich and a glass of pumpkin juice, please.” A soft pop sounded beside him. There was a neatly made sandwich on a saucer and a glass sitting on the nightstand. “There you go.”

Padfoot barked and licked Remus again as he transformed back into himself. "Food!" he said gleefully as he reached over a very naked Lupin and grabbed the sandwich.

"Aren't you eating Moony?" He asked.

“Nah, I’m fine,” Remus smiled, “I’ll watch you.” He sat up against the headboard to watch the other man eat.

Sirius shrugged and ate his sandwich quickly before lying down next to where Remus sat.

Remus wiggled down to lay beside Sirius. He ran his hand through the other man’s hair. “You look so peaceful,” he whispered.

"That's because I am," Sirius answered simply, lifting his arm to invite Remus to lay closer

Lying closer Remus curled up against Sirius. “I’m glad you are,” he kissed his chest then laid his head down and began to drift off to sleep.


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