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This journal is no longer used for rpg with the l_attente community.
I have now chosen to use this journal as a creative outlet.
I will post as Remus Lupin. When I can/want to.

Dream: Listen to the Falling Rain

I should really start assigning shorter essays. Maybe I'd have a little bit more free time on the weekends. I wonder if Dumbledore would let me borrow a time-turner. I shook my head at the silly thought. I hope the students won't expect a quiz tomorrow.

The clock chimed midnight.

It's that late already! I picked up my newest library book and made my way to bed. The sound of the rain on my window was making it hard to finish the first chapterCollapse )

l_attente posts beyond this point

Beyond this point are posts to the community l_attente.

I'd like to Thank everyone at l_attente.
I had a great time role playing with all of you.
I'm sorry that I didn't get to stick around long.

Private Thoughts

I woke up in the middle of the night and Pads is still here. I still can’t believe I have Pads back. It seems - or more appropriately - it feels like a dream. I love to watch him while he sleeps. After all that’s happened he seems at peace. Though all the rough times are etched on his slim face. There are so many things that I wish I could go back in time and change or at least burn into my memory. I wish I could go back to the first time he drug me to a Quidditch match and watch him. I was too busy being a prat to put his reactions to memory - forget when he’d yell or shake me when we made a goal. I just wanted to go back to the library and finish my essays. Pads I’d take it all back if I could. I just loved you so much but while you were in Azkaban I hated you – for what you did to James and Lily and then I realized how many times you manipulated me. I hate chandeliers… but that’s all in the past Pads. It can all be forgiven. An inspirational man taught me that. He forgave me and I can forgive you. I did when I got you back the first time. Then I had to watch you fall through the veil. The only thing that kept me on this side was Harry. I could just imagine what James would say on the other side. “Moony you sock head! You were supposed to watch over Harry for us.” Harry has the same scowl as James. It’s so odd to see it with Lily’s eyes.

Then I got you back again and I though it was someone playing a horrible joke. Only I’m not sure who would have done such a thing to me or how they could have gotten a sample of you. I could have hexed you right back to where you came from but you proved yourself. I got you back again and I won’t let you go again. I don’t know what I’m going to tell Severus and I don’t know what to do about Harry. Merlin if you only knew - you’d hex me. I’ll just have to deal with it when it happens and hope that you understand. I did it all while you were gone. I thought I’d lost you forever when I did those things. I had lost my life when you fell. I have you back Pads and it’s not a dream. I won’t loose you again. The only thing that could separate us now is my curse consuming me and as far as I know that’s a long time away.

Though sometimes in the dead of the night I get this strange feeling around you. Like some thing isn’t right. A feeling like I’m going to loose you again. I’ve lost you two times now and I won’t loose you a third. I’ll hex anyone that tries to take you. I’m sure I’m just being paranoid. That’s what you would say. You’d tell me I was being a sock head – even though that’s James’ phrase. I just can’t shake it though. I have this feeling of doom approaching or something bad will happen. I’m just being silly and a full moon is getting close. That’s all Remus.

Pads you’re so beautiful while you sleep.

Sirius surprises Remus

The long day of teaching was finally over. Remus piled up a stack of papers that need grading so they can be returned tomorrow. He opened the door to his rooms to be greeted by an odd smell. He sat the papers down on a bookshelf near the door and started to take his jacket off. He turned to hang it on the coat rack. The next thing he had on his mind was to figure out what and where that smell was.Collapse )

Professor Lupin runs into Hermione

It was afternoon break and as usual Hermione found herself alone. Since she had gotten back Hermione had only really talked with Harry and had been avoiding any real conversation with anyone. It was still hard to talk about her parents and ten day "vacation" from school. The young witch wandered down the empty south corridor, trying to decide if she wanted to finish her Potions essay now or tonight during dinner.Collapse )

The sixth year's lecture on Vampires went better than expected. Though some burst into giggle fits when the discussion leaned toward the Succubi and Incubi. Some of the students went to sleep during the slide show, had to take points from Hufflepuff and Gryffindor. Now they're all copying copying protective sigils off the blackboard. While walking through the aisle a particular student's drawings caught Lupin's attention.Collapse )

Lupin surprises Harry

Knowing Sirius was in the other room made the day pass so slowly. None of the classes had homework even some of the students noticed. Once classes were over Remus spent his time with Sirius, catching up on old times. Remus made a plan with him to stay in his rooms so he could surprise Harry. It was getting close to time for their normal lesson time. He stood by his classroom door anxiously waiting.Collapse )

Filtered: Harry Potter


Your lesson for tonight has been canceled. I hope you don’t mind. We can make it up later.
I have a surprise for you though. Please stop by at the normal time.

Wait for me to answer the door - I don’t want anything spoiled.

-Prof. Lupin

Remus finds Sirius in the shack

This was the second night Sirius was going to spend in the shrieking shack. He knew he needed to get to Hogwarts eventually, but he wasn't exactly sure how to do it. "Moony would know what to do," he muttered to himself, before returning to his dog form.

The large black dog jumped up unto the bed, padding around in a circle before settling down. He rested his head on his paws and whimpered, he hated being back in the shack. There were just too many happy memories here that were lost forever now. It seemed so empty and cold without moony and prongs, even emptier then his cell in Azkaban had been.

The dog whimpered again and slowly drifted to sleep.Collapse )