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Dream: Listen to the Falling Rain

I should really start assigning shorter essays. Maybe I'd have a little bit more free time on the weekends. I wonder if Dumbledore would let me borrow a time-turner. I shook my head at the silly thought. I hope the students won't expect a quiz tomorrow.

The clock chimed midnight.

It's that late already! I picked up my newest library book and made my way to bed. The sound of the rain on my window was making it hard to finish the first chapter.

I'm going to be late to class because of those stupid stairs! Now I have to cut through the East courtyard.

"Of course it's raining!" I thought to myself while shaking the droplets out of my hair. "Pick up the pace old man!"

I can imagine the students are making too much noise. There's the door! The students... they are... they're already taking the quiz. No one even notice I walked into class late. The squeak of my chair didn't get anyone's attention either.

"I'm all done, Professor!" Hermione chirped as she handed in her parchment. Suddenly all the students were beginning to line up behind her. Did they all finish at the same time? Parchment after parchment started landing on the desk. I looked up, to greet the last person in line, to see Professor Snape standing at my desk.

"Your Wolfsbane." Snape sneered, slamming the small, opaque bottle on the desk.

"Keep your voice down, Severus!" I said after quickly taking the potion to hide it from the students. Before I had the entire Wolfsbane potion swallowed I knew something was wrong. My throat was on fire. I sprang to my feet as I began to choke. Even though my eyes were watering, I could see one side of Snape's mouth curve up into a smile as he whispered, "Silver."

Loosing my grasp the small vial crashed to floor.

I sat straight up in bed gasping for air and coughing. I wiped the tears from my eyes. Panic crept in as I began looking around for Severus. A thud, the book I fell asleep reading, jolted me out of my thoughts.

I... I'm in my bed? I ran my hand over the bed covers. How did I get here?

The clock began to chime six o'clock. I quickly looked over to the window seeing that the dawn was trying to peek through the few remaining storm clouds. It was all just a dream... a nightmare. There's no sense in going back to bed with only a half hour left before I have to get up. I may as well start my day. I retrieved my book from the floor.


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