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Remus finds Sirius in the shack

This was the second night Sirius was going to spend in the shrieking shack. He knew he needed to get to Hogwarts eventually, but he wasn't exactly sure how to do it. "Moony would know what to do," he muttered to himself, before returning to his dog form.

The large black dog jumped up unto the bed, padding around in a circle before settling down. He rested his head on his paws and whimpered, he hated being back in the shack. There were just too many happy memories here that were lost forever now. It seemed so empty and cold without moony and prongs, even emptier then his cell in Azkaban had been.

The dog whimpered again and slowly drifted to sleep.

Remus wondered through the castle. So many things have been happening recently that he just wanted to get out of the castle for a while. Sitting in the gardens didn't help much. The cold weather taking it's effect on the foliage only helped to make him feel worse. One place came to mind where he could be out of the castle and in a happy place. He could always go to the shack, after all, he isn't a student anymore.

He meandered through the courtyards till he was standing near the willow. He waited for it to stop thrashing after he poked the knothole. The cave to the shack was even cooler this time of year. Just ahead was the trap door, which was open. The memory of closing it was very fuzzy but he drew his wand just in case. All seemed well till he was in the doorway to the bedroom. There was a big black dog lying on the bed. Not knowing how the dog was able to get in he approached carefully till he stepped on one of the squeaky floorboards. His eyes widened.

Sirius' ears perked and the dog quickly sat up, growling instinctively until he realized whom it was. Sirius barked and wagged his tail happily at the sight of his old friend, 'Moony,' he thought, 'that's my Moony.'. Not bothering to wonder how Remus would react to seeing a dead man, Sirius transformed.

Remus' jaw dropped when he saw the dog transform into his dead mate. He held is wand up higher. "Who the bloody hell are you?" he asked almost panicking, he muttered to himself, "Either I've died or I'm dreaming." He took a few steps back getting ready to hex and run to Dumbledore.

"What do you mean? Remus… Moony, it's me," Sirius said, looking confused. He thought about getting up and walking over to the other man, but one look at Remus' wand and he decided to stay on the bed. "Moony, it's me… calm down," Sirius softly reassured Remus.

"How do I know you're not someone using polyjuice?" Remus questioned, "You…" he shook his head a little, "Sirius is dead. I saw his death with my own eyes." He lowered his wand slightly. He hoped it was really him and not someone playing a terrible joke. "Tell me something only the real Sirius would know."

Sirius sighed and rolled his eyes. "You know you're far to practical for your own good, you need to loosen up Moony," he said as he stood up. "Something only I'd know eh? How about the fact that in sixth year Mary Kimball tried to snog you, and when I found out I put disappearing ink in all her inkwells so that all her notes would vanish before the finals? Or how about this? Who else would know that you secretly like being scratched behind your ears, just like a puppy, after a good shag? Who else would know that Remus?"

"No one," Remus lowered his wand completely and relaxed. His mind was spinning in every direction. "Where did… I thought you were…" he trailed off stepping into the room.

"I don't know," Sirius said honestly. "One moment I was hexing Bellatrix and then suddenly… it was if I could feel time passing, but I wasn't living it. Then I was awake in the middle of nowhere. It took me forever to get back here… You all thought I was dead? I - oh Merlin, Harry, is he..?"

"He's alive," Remus said reaching out to touch Sirius. He was really there, solid like himself. "I held him back. He would have jumped in after you, like I wanted to, but I couldn't let him."

Sirius reached out and touched Remus' cheek. "You've been looking after him for me, taking care of him?"

"Yeah. Dumbledore even asked me to come back to the school and teach again this year," Remus smiled. He leaned down and hugged Sirius tightly. "I can't believe you're really here."

"Me either," Sirius said softly, holding Remus tight. "Merlin Remus, I've missed you so much, but I need to ask you something."

"Anything," Remus said pulling back to look him in the face.

"How do I look?" Sirius asked, trying not to grin.

Remus started chuckling, "Sirius… Pads… only you would ask something like that." He ran a hand over the other mans hair. "You look great for a dead man," he smiled, "but I think you need a good meal and a bath. I can take you to Dumbledore later."

"A meal sounds fantastic, so does a bath... and I want to see Harry," Sirius added firmly. "A Bath, a meal, the Headmaster and then Harry." Sirius transformed back into Padfoot and sat at Remus' feet.

"How about you see Harry before we go to the Headmaster?" Remus smiled, "I can send him an owl to come to my office." He glanced at a nearby window and noticed it was dark. "I can get you into the castle no problem but if I take you to the Headmaster first," he looked down at the dog at his feet, "I don't think he'd let you see Harry."

Sirius barked and thumped his tail off the ground.

"I knew you'd like that idea better," Remus' smile became wider, "Let's get back to the castle. It's dark no one will be able to see you."

Sirius barked again and waited for Remus to open the door. He bounded out into the cave and rush around, stopping to sniff plants and footprints. He could smell Remus and Harry... yes that was definitely Harry. He barked again and rushed back over to Remus, urging him to hurry up. He circled his lover as they walked towards the castle, occasionally pouncing on Lupin a little and nipping at his ankles.

Sirius rushed ahead again to the doors and sat with his tongue hanging out, waiting for Remus to catch up.

"My gosh you don't slow down do you?" Remus joked, "Come on." He opened the doors and looked around. After finding no one around he carefully lead Padfoot through the halls to his rooms. Thankfully he was quiet when he needed to be. They took the shortcuts that they mapped out in their teen years. Opening the door to his classroom he let Padfoot in and quickly closed the door behind them.

Padfoot wandered around the classroom, sniffing and investigating. He caught Snape's sent and growled. For some reason his hatred for the greasy git felt even stronger then it had been before. He glared, as best as a dog could, at Moony and waited to be told what to do.

Remus walked through his classroom and started up the steps to his private rooms. Leaning against the railing he watched Padfoot sniff around the room. He looked confused when Pads growled and glared at him. "Come on. The baths this way," he motioned towards the door, "You can transform back. It's safe."

Sirius wandered through and transformed back. "Why's Snape been in your classroom?" he asked with a scowl, "You better not be making nice with him, he's a git."

"He brings me the Wolfsbane potion," Remus said walking through the door behind Sirius, "Then he teaches my classes for me while I'm out." He locked the door and made a mental note to owl Harry later about a surprise lesson. "We've had a few drinks before," he added absently.

"Oh... Well that's alright then," He said quietly. He glanced around and began to peel off his clothes. "Which way to the bathroom then?" He asked, dropping his things on the floor.

"Through the bedroom," Remus pointed to the right, "I still can't believe your really here."

Sirius was down to his trousers as he walked over to Remus. "Well I am," he said with a grin, tugging at Remus' clothes. "Take a bath with me Moony?" He asked, nuzzling against the taller man's neck. "Missed you so much."

Remus wrapped his arms around Sirius. "There will be time for that later," he said kissing him, "Go relax a bit. I'm not going anywhere and… I'd better not find out you've gone down the drain on me."

Sirius sighed against Lupin's neck and wrapped his arms around him tighter. "Please Moony, come have a bath? I'll scrub your back for you," he said, smiling against Remus' neck.

"Pads go take a bath," Remus said gently pushing him towards the bathroom and sharply added, "Go on."

Sirius flinched and padded off towards the bathroom. "I'm not sleeping on the floor," he shouted once he was in the other room. He closed the bathroom door and ran a bath for himself, muttering about bossy werewolves under his breath.

"Not if I have anything to do with it," Remus muttered to himself.

Sirius took his time in the bath, washing his hair and scrubbing off all the dirt and grime. Over an hour later he was finally clean. He drained the bath and toweled off. Wrapping the towel around his waist, he headed out too look for Remus. "Moony?" he called out, glancing around the bedroom. "Moony I need clothes, clean ones."

Remus walked into the bedroom. He had forgotten what Sirius looked like in only a towel. "I only have my frumpy clothes," he grinned awkwardly. He took some clothes out of the wardrobe and handed them to Sirius.

"Anything is better then my tatty rags," Sirius said with a grin, taking the clothes off Remus. He lay them on the bed and turned away. Sirius tugged off the towel and started to dress, not bothered about being nude in front of Remus. "So what's been going on?" he asked as he pulled Lupin's baggy trousers on

"All sorts of things," Remus said a bit distracted, "The Dark Lord got away after you fell through the veil. Harry blamed himself for it. I've told him repeatedly that it wasn't his fault." He felt guilty for saying it but it was better coming from him. At least this way he might have a heads up on his possible reaction.

Sirius sighed and tugged on the shirt Remus had given him. "Of course it wasn't his fault, why would he..." Sirius sat on the edge of the bed and combed his still damp hair off his face. "Thanks Moony, you know, for being there when I wasn't. It means a lot to me that you've been looking after Harry."

"I've only been able to keep an eye on him for three years. I spent the other thirteen worrying about him living with those bloody muggles," Remus sat on the bed next to Sirius. He started pulling on a string from the seam on his trouser leg.

"I was worried too you know, and if Wormtail hadn't... Merlin I want to rip his throat out," Sirius growled. "If he hadn't be a backstabbing cowered, or even if he had and he hadn't pulled that stunt in the street..." He stood up and kicked the dresser hard

"Death is too good for that bloated rat," Remus said still playing at the string. "We'll have our chance to get him back. It's karma." He looked up at Sirius and smiled. "I'm just glad you're back."

Sirius took a calming breath. "Me too Moony," he said, stalking over to Remus. He grinned and sat back down, draping himself over the other man a little. "I've had no one to play with."

"I'm here, aren't I?" Remus said acting hurt. He wrapped his arms around the other man, "I did say later."

"Well I was waiting for a nice warm meal, but a nice warm Remus might be just as nice," Sirius said, gently turning the other man's face to plant a kiss on his lips. He ran his fingers gently down Lupin's face and cupped his chin in his palm. "God's Moony, I thought I might never see you again," he whispered.

"You neither," Remus said between kisses. He shucked off his jacket while he pulled himself up better on the bed.

"Takes more then Bella and a strange veil to get rid of me," Sirius said with a grin. He tugged off the clean shirt he'd just put on and straddled Lupin's lap. He took a moment to unbutton Remus' shirt, before getting frustrated with it and just tugging it off.

"Thank Merlin for that," Remus said tugging at the button on Sirius' trousers. He thought he'd never be doing this again. The sound of the skittering button didn't even register in his mind.

Sirius brushed Remus' hands away. "I've decided I'm in charge tonight," he said looking smug. He climbed off Lupin's lap and tugged the borrowed trousers off. "Take those off and get yourself comfortable."

Remus nodded. He undid his trousers and kicked off his shoes. Hooking his thumbs under the waistband of his underwear and trousers he tugged them off. Throwing them into a messy pile beside the bed he got comfortable on the bed.

Sirius climbed back onto the bed and lay next to Remus. He rolled onto his side and pressed a kiss to the other man's shoulder. "Love you Moony," he whispered, propping himself up on his elbow to kiss Remus' neck.

"Love you too Pads," Remus snaked an arm under Sirius. He kissed a trail down his jaw, "I didn't think…" he stopped and muttered, "bugger thinking." He continued the kisses down his neck.

Sirius tilted his head up to allow Remus better access to his neck. "Thinking is bad, I'm very much against thinking," he said with mock sternness, moaning a little as he let his free hand explore Moony's chest. His hand was slowly going lower with each kiss Remus gave him, and Sirius couldn't help but grin about it.

"Can only stop thinking when we're together like this." Remus was enjoying the sounds he could provoke. "God Pads can your hand move any slower," he said nipping at his neck.

Sirius growled and roughly took Remus in hand. "It can if you want it to," he said with a groan, very slowly stroking him.

"Sweet torture," Remus said closing his eyes. He slid his hand down Sirius' back and squeezed his arse.

Sirius wiggled away and down Lupin's body. "Oh no, that's not sweet. This is sweet Moony," he said, dipping down to lap at Remus' cock.

Remus watched Sirius scoot away and lick his cock, he moaned. "Pads you're evil," he couldn't take his eyes off him, "Please don't stop."

Sirius grinned wickedly, licking his way up and down the hard shaft. "Not going to stop," he said, licking the tip again, before taking Remus all the way into his mouth. It was all very sudden and desperate and Sirius begins to suck and moan around the hard flesh, his eyes flicking up to watch Moony.

It took all the concentration Remus had not to buck but he still rocked slightly to the rhythm. He watched the other man's head bob up and down. He closed his eyes when he started moaning around him. He drifted in the feeling, letting it consume him. He wasn't sure if he was moaning and it didn't matter. All that mattered is that Pads, his Padfoot, was back.

Sirius began to suck harder, running his hands up and down Remus' sides. He swallowed around his lover's cock, and gently rubbed his thumbs over his bony hips gently keeping him still. Sirius moaned louder as Moony's cock hit the back of his throat. All he could think about was Remus. His skin, his face, his voice, everything about him.

A light sheen of sweat formed on Remus' brow. He grabbed the cover he was laying on to keep himself from shoving Sirius' head down on his cock. His climax was building. "Gonna come," he managed between breaths.

"Good," Sirius said. However, since his lips were still wrapped around the base of Lupin's cock, it sounded more like "mmuub".

That sent Remus over the edge. His toes curled while he came. His hips twitched as the other man swallowed around him.

Sirius greedily swallowed every last drop of Remus' come. Savoring the taste of the man he'd missed so much. He finished and yawned, his jaw popping loudly. He groaned and rubbed the side of his face before crawling back up the bed to kiss Remus. "Am I still fantastic?" he asked between kisses.

"Yes," Remus said sleepily between kisses. He pulled Sirius close. "We'll just let Harry know you're here tomorrow."

Sirius nodded. "Sounds fine to me, don't much fancy explaining why we're naked in bed together," he said with a yawn. For a moment he was tempted to change back into Padfoot, but he got the feeling Remus probably wouldn't be alright with that as he nuzzled the other man.

Remus chuckled, "I'd rather not explain that to the Headmaster," he shifted a little, "Though I did mention us to Harry once."

Sirius frowned at Remus. "Why on earth would you... Nevermind, we'll talk about it in the morning. I can't wait to hear what else you've been telling my Godson," he growled, pulling Lupin closer to him.

"It's only the beginning," Remus said absently while he yawned, "You're not going to sleep in dog form? I hope you're not." He gave Sirius a pleading look.

"No, I won't," He said softly. "Goodnight Moony," he sighed against Lupin's skin, pulling him tight against his chest. Part of him worried that if he let go it would all vanish and he'd be alone again.

"Night Padfoot," Remus said stroking Sirius' hair till they both drifted to sleep.


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