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Private Thoughts

Last night was going well. Making my usual path through the school looking for students out of bed. I didn’t think I’d find anyone. Most of the times I don’t. I was very wrong. I found Harry – wouldn’t have if he hadn’t taken his cloak off. So instead of owling him a letter I decided to give him a spur of the moment lesson. Pulled him into someone’s class, not sure whose and I didn’t clean it before we left. I imagine it was a wreck. Turned out the lights and the lesson began.Collapse )

Harry’s Defense Lesson

Harry showed up late for his lesson. I was a bit frustrated but I couldn’t stay like that long. He mentioned that Severus saw his rope burns. Suppose I had that one coming. Anger and binding spells don’t mix well. I showed him a few blasting charms - did the best I could considering the date. His started out a bit choppy. Broke most of the chairs I had set out for him. The last ones though, Merlin. I guess he just had to warm up first - then BANG. We had to dodge flying bits and pieces. Just glad neither of us was injured. The table I had set out has some minor damage. Nothing I can’t fix. He stuck around for a while after his lesson. We talked about a few things. He pulled on his tie and exposed his throat. I reacted before I could stop myself. It was just an innocent gesture. He kept playing at it, teasing me. I finally told him to knock it off. Shouldn’t have nudged him. We started rough housing. Nothing too rough though. Eventually we wound up just sitting together with my arm around him. A father/son moment – sort of. We sat in silence for awhile then I nodded off. I didn’t mean to. I was just so comfortable - and warm. Don’t know how long I slept but he woke me up before he decided to leave. I’m glad he didn’t leave me there to sleep on the couch. I can imagine the pain I’d be in tomorrow.



Your lesson for Wednesday is still planned. I may be a little off but I’ll do my best. No attacks this time.

-Prof. Lupin

Lupin runs into Harry: leaving breakfast

Lupin stares at his breakfast after yesterday food doesn't have much appeal. He had read the same small random article of the Prophet six times. He could probably repeat it without looking. He'd spent most of yesterday evening trying to get Miss Granger to go to the infirmary. She put up a strong fight. That infernal box locked away in his rooms with its note in all too familiar long spidery script.

He sat down the remnants of his egg on toast and left the Great Hall. He has to do something with himself. Sitting still just gives him time to replay yesterday's events in his mind. He had a lesson with Harry last night that he missed. Harry seemed to be avoiding him since Friday's lesson. He only saw him in class and even then he wouldn't acknowledge him.Collapse )


Miss Granger came to my office this morning with a strange package. She said that it came from the Dark Lord. I checked it for dark magic, it was clear. I asked her if I should open it but she wanted to - so I let her.

Albus it
It contained
Bloddy hell it was their

Dear Merlin, Albus, it contained her parents' hands - Their bonding hands.

She wants to go back to London to make the arrangements for their funerals. I tried to send her to the infirmary but she insisted she was okay. I let her stay in my chambers - I put up special wards. I hope I've done the right thing.


(Magically sealed to only open for Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster)